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Apostle Lynn and Prophet Ed Alderson

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Ed and Lynn Alderson are the Founders of Kingdom Authority Ministries, Inc., The Ekklesia Center, Inc., and Pray Georgia.  They are both ordained Ministers and commissioned Apostolic leaders.


With a mandate from the Lord to serve the destiny of Kingdom leaders, through relational Apostolic Alignment with Kingdom Authority Ministries, Lynn and Ed provide strategic-level prayer covering, prophetic insight and counsel to those they serve.


Under the ministry umbrella of Pray Georgia, Lynn serves as the Georgia State Prayer General providing Apostolic oversight to the collaborative state-wide prayer network.


They also serve in multiple leadership capacities in other ministries on a National, Regional and State level including:

  • Lynn and Ed serve as the US HAPN (Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network) Directors providing leadership and oversight to the National Network under the leadership of Dr. John Benefiel.

  • Lynn and Ed serve as the North American Continent Leaders for GPEC (Global Prayer Empowerment Center) under the leadership of Apostle Robert Henderson. 

  • Lynn serves as the Georgia Co-State Prayer General for RPN (Reformation Prayer Network) under the leadership of Dr. Cindy Jacobs, as well as the RPN Southeast Regional Leader providing leadership and oversight for four states (GA, FL, NC and SC.)

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